HIIT and Technology – What does 2018 have in store?

ian daniell

This week Ian Daniel, Business Development Consultant, entrepreneur and PT Studio Owner shares his insights into the upcoming trends for 2018.

It is that time of year when the trade shows are coming in thick and fast. IHRSA just been in San Diego, FIBO in Cologne in April and Elevate UK in May.

These shows are instrumental in launching/showcasing new products, developing deeper relationships, and with all manufacturers under the same roof, the chance to show why your product is different (or looks the same but acts differently in some instances!)

This year is a very exciting year with the age of technology coming to the fore. This is an element of the fitness industry that I try to take an interest in as every 6 months it moves on ten years!

Main interests this year are the tracking of data on indoor (& outdoor) bikes with new products appearing all the time. The new ‘Power Couple’ (the Posh & Becks of the Indoor Cycle world!) of Schwinn and 4iiii to me is enormous and is going to impact Stages, WattBike and ICG bikes but there are new additions coming along too. Johnny G and Keiser hitting certain spaces too. Schwinn have always been the leader in the Indoor Cycling world and 4iiii look as though they are the new favourite in the peloton (outside) with sponsorship of Quickstep and Bora. Is data important to all? No, but there is a market for the dance and a market for the data / performance and a crossover helps!

The HIIT world is still growing and everyone is focussing on these sessions currently with new additions coming along all the time. This constitutes the Boxing workouts to treadmill beastings along with step mills or power steppers. New classes are being developed all the time and my trip to the US opened up my eyes to this even more. Cross breeds are emerging like XGT, with CrossFit, boxing, and short cardio sessions using AirFits or HIITMILLs alongside the usual WOD exercises to give it a little twist. Also ‘Box and Bike’ by our very own Rai Fazio is ingenious with Schwinn and Boxmaster getting involved in the boutique sector!

A lot of new inimitable changes being made to treadmills and the links with Zwift/RunSocial are ingenious and bring the play back to the hard work ethic required to move up levels and train harder.

FIBO is going to be an interesting show for me to have a look at the new products from Core Health & Fitness, the Schwinn AC Power & SC Power, the new innovative treadmill and the chance to talk to the maker of Boxmaster (Rai Fazio) and designer /brainchild of all of our products (Jeff Dilts). Also for me to check out all the competitors.


I welcome your feedback. I love to learn and am passionate about the industry, the boutique sector and new technology. I would urge you to call me on 07810 125464 or email me to idaniell@corehandf.com.

Ian Daniell is a battle scarred leisure industry Gym-Jedi. He is here to offer advice, and have a fun time helping people get fitter. Are is always known as having a Fun, Fit and Fresh outlook. Watch for more articles in the future. (www.corehandf.com & www.gym-jedi.com)


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