Ask the Expert – Andy Milne


This week we’re chatting to Andy Milne from Basefitbase and he’s sharing his experience on how to get into the fitness industry.

Here’s what Andy has to say:

“Firstly what is it you want to do? Sales? Fitness instruction? Personal Training or Studio instructor?

With all of these you need a grounding knowledge and experience to land your dream job. How do you do that?


Firstly you need to qualify. Choose a reputable training provider, ask potential employers who they rate if you wish to be employed by them. Secondly, continue to educate yourself. You never stop learning in this industry as science keeps updating, so should you. The more you know the better your chances of getting the role you want.


Experience is key for most employers. They will look for this on a equal basis against qualifications. Experience is key to be able to put all that knowledge you gained whilst training into practice, being able to communicate with your client, offer adaptations and dealing with anomalies.

Most employers would want a couple of years experience for the more senior roles so you’ll need to get your hands dirty in the more basic roles first.

Decide on your end goal

Do you want to move into Sales, Personal training or Physical Therapy eventually? By knowing where you wish to go this will help you decide what companies you need to work for, what qualifications you need to gain and what experience is required.


It’s a very small business so stay squeaky clean. Never burn bridges with anyone even how insignificant, as that person may be your next employer you wish to work for. Everyone knows everyone.

Enjoy it

This industry is infectious, rewarding and energetic. Its always growing in new directions, very well funded by government and both public and private sectors and attracts all types of people from all backgrounds. The opportunities are endless.”

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