Ask the Expert – Katie Bulmer-Cooke


This week we’re talking to the incredibly talented Katie Bulmer-Cooke, Fitness Entrepreneur, PT & TV Presenter. Katie talks to us about her approach to health & fitness, life in the fitness industry & how to become a fitness celebrity.

Here’s what Katie has to say:

How would you describe your philosophy about being fit & healthy?

I’m very anti-fitness extremism…I’m don’t eat all of my meals from tupperware boxes & I don’t have a ‘go-hard or go-home’ approach to training. Like wise I don’t do the whole weekend binging thing. I’m a big believer in maintainable lifestyle changes & being consistent. I train 5-6 days per week, using a mixture of modalities from long runs to HIIT training, Pilates & lifting workouts. Food wise I avoid junk & processed food but I’m not adverse to the odd handful of chocolate buttons now & again.

You’re an ambassador for some of the biggest brands, a TV Presenter & have won a number of highly prestigious awards. How did you turn your passion into a profession?

That’s a tough question. I think the bottom line is two-fold. Firstly, not being afraid to just give things a go and not allowing the opinions of others get in my way. I’m always aware of what competitors are doing and my goal is always to do the opposite to them in order to stand out. Secondly, even when it’s been tough (and it has been at times!) I’ve never given up, & always believed in something my mam has said to be countless times over the years ‘as one door closes another door opens.’

What does a typical day look like for you?

No 2 days are the same. This week I’ve delivered 3 group PT sessions, 2 small group outdoor classes, trained 7 1:1 clients, filmed content for GymCube, taught a class for the staff at Reebok HQ, filmed 2 episodes of a new TV show I’m presenting called Fit in the Kitchen, spoken at a business conference, worked on The National Fitness Network & been named as an Official Ambassador for Sunderland (the best city in the world!)

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