Make your First Impression Count – Part 2


In our last blog we talked about the first 10 seconds. Now we’re going to focus on the next 10.

So, as a quick reminder, the first 10 seconds are all about the first impressions you make before you say or do anything. This is the opinion someone forms about you based on your body language and appearance.

The next 10 seconds are all about the first 10 steps you take.

Imagine your sat in the reception area waiting to be called through for your interview. You hear your name, you stand up and begin to walk over. This is the first 10 steps.

Your body language is the number one factor here.

Our tips are simple:

  1. Shoulders pulled back and neck elongated.
  2.  Walk directly toward the person you are meeting with every body part pointing in his/her direction.
  3. Maintain eye contact with occasional breaks to the side.
  4. Smile
  5. As you extend your hand introduce yourself verbally.
  6. The handshake can be a deal breaker.  A firm but not forceful grip is important. We’re not talking knuckle busting (it’s not a power struggle) nor are we talking weak and floppy. Keep it short and sharp, 2-3 hand pumps ideally and shake from the elbow to avoid an awkward jarring motion. Use one hand not two. Two can be seen to be overly friendly and intrusive. And last but not least we all hate a sweaty hand but it happens to the best of us. If you have sweaty hands, subtly wipe them before you go in for the shake and if you find yourself in this situation where they do avoid the urge to wipe your hand after the handshake. This will only cause further embarrassment so be discrete and subtly dry your hand when the moment allows.

Once again it’s all common sense but a little reminder never goes a miss.

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